Redefining Masonry Service

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Hardscaping Specialist LLC is a master in masonry service that is based in Merlin, OR, but we are not your typical masonry contractor. Because we believe that our output is our best advertisement, we always put our 100% dedication to every project that we undertake. If you want to know us better, you should listen carefully to what we say.

Concrete Pools

We offer this service because we know for a fact that a swimming pool can substantially increase the market value of your property. There are three pool construction materials to choose from, namely concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl. But if you want your swimming pool to last for a very long time, then you should choose concrete. Because of its durability, using concrete would be the best option, especially if you want a pool that is larger than the standard fiberglass models. This would also be the material of choice if you want an unconventionally shaped pool because concrete can be formed into the shape that you want. You also do not need to exert a lot of effort to maintain this kind of pool.

So that you will get all these benefits, we must create a design that will fit your personality and your needs. We would ask you if you want a circular or a geometric-shaped pool. We would also need to know your color preference so that we can incorporate that in your pool. Then we will submit the design plans so that we can get a permit to build your pool. Once we have ironed out all the government requirements, we can now start excavating. This is one of the more complex tasks in the entire project because we have to make sure that in the process of digging, we will not hit any utility line. We also need to grade the ground so that it will be even. We are now ready to erect frames and continue with the pool making process.

So if you want a professional to build a pool for your property in Merlin, OR, you do not have to look elsewhere. Hardscaping Specialist LLC is the masonry service expert that can help you. We can assure you that once we have finished creating your swimming pool, you will be the envy of the neighborhood, so grab your phone and call us at (541) 441-8899.